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Spider Word Play

Right, this one can be made as fun or educational as you like. As silly or rational as the mood may take you....I verge on the silly and fun in my ones....

STEP 1: Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil :) and maybe even a seat or space on the floor while you're at it....

STEP 2: Pick a word...any word... (maybe even start with their favourite word - if they have one). Mine is 'Hullabaloo'...though you may want to start with smaller word depending on how old they are.

STEP 3: Make a spider diagram (spider web, list of words, free form it!) of all the words/themes/ideas/colours/things that connect with your chosen word. Be as imaginative as you  (or they) like....

STEP 4: Have a giggle at all the funny things you may have come up with. Creative writing isn't about being right or wrong or coming up with the most intelligent idea or word....it's about having fun....from fun something wonderful can be done!

STEP 5: Use the ideas you come up with to either make a picture or write a story. You do not necessarily need to use all the ideas you come up with. You may just use one or two main ones and adapt from there. 

The idea is that it gets your creative juices flowing and you have fun playing about with words and ideas. 

STEP 6: Enjoy reading your story to whoever will listen! :)

P.S. you can always review it afterwards and make changes or do another 'spider-word' if you get stuck on something.
P.P.S here: yours and theirs is really the same thing as is you and them :)

Mr Moo caused a huge Hullabaloo when he went to the Zoo: he wreaked havoc in the paddocks when he mooed his way through. He made the animals club together and sing a song or two, but all they did was prattle about and eat a few of the others too. So Mr Moo confessed it was such a mess and flew off out the zoo. 

07/05/2013 6:11am

Great fun way of getting creative. I write songs and have started using this. Thank you so much!! :)


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