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Imagination BOx

This one is so much fun and can be changed each time you play it. It can become a bit of a game in itself!

My grandmother used to do a similar kind of thing at Halloween and our imagination ran wild with what was inside! As a child I really believed that she had eyeballs hidden in the box ... alas as an adult you realise, they were just grapes ...

Anyway, this is the idea of the Imagination Box: it can be played in all weathers with a variety of ages. Right, so, are you sitting comfortably?!

STEP 1: Find a box, any box (or a tray, or well anything you could hide things in a little bit)....

STEP 2: If you want to make it a game you play again and again, you could always decorate it first (another fun activity to do)

STEP 3: Find different items to put in the box. Have at least 5 items to get you started. They can be anything you like....but remember we will be using them to get our imaginations going and  making up a story....

STEP 4: Get your child to pick an item from the box. A fun way of doing it (if they are up for it.....younger children may not like it), is to feel it without looking. 

STEP 5: Ask them what it feels like, what they think it could be etc....You could always write it down so that you remember. Get them to describe the item, by the feel, the texture, the smell (if any), and the colour (when they see it).

STEP 6: Get a bit more in-depth.....Get them to think (you can always do it together if they'll let you :) ) about where it could have come from, what or where it could be going or doing....make up it's life story :)

STEP 7: Play around with the different ideas that come about, see if there is a fun story idea that comes forward.....and then go for it....write it and have fun.

ITEM IDEAS: feathers, soil in a pot, a hat, corrugated cardboard, cuddly toys, plastic toys, cars, dolls, various food, flowers (real or fake), bouncy balls, stress pump, leaves, conkers, squidgy putty, Plasticine, rolling pin, spoons, instruments.....the list is endless to be honest. Anything and everything.....

VARIATIONS: use one item at a time or choose a few items to link together to make the story. For example: 

Miss feather is floating along, dancing through the sky when a big gust of wind pulls her down into a pot of soil. It spoils her dress and makes a mess and she doesn't feel like prancing about any more. She tries to get out but no one hears her shout, so she just sits there and pouts.....but then, she hears a little cry, coming from further up in the sky, she hears a delightful voice, tinkling hi from up somewhere up high. She looks around, she stops, her heart pounds as she hears the hi again....and then, she spies Mr Cap, climbing down a sunflower strand, holding out his hand. She was saved! She smiled and waved and shouted yay! And that was how they met on that fateful day... Miss feather and Mr Cap, they did indeed make a very special hat. 

Have fun! If you like you share your ideas here, I would love to hear some of your stories......


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